Do not refresh token

I had a “pleasant” surprise waiting for me this morning. For reasons I don’t understand, all the tokens became inoperable. Even those that I received 2 minutes before refresh token. Some kind of work is being done by ESI server. If so, is there any way to inform about it?

All your tokens?
If u change password, then all tokens are broke (for secure)

I check my tokens for some accounts - then work fine.

i do not change password, but all token is expared

405 error

405 Method Not Allowed

Maybe u r use POST instead GET, or something like this

stdClass Object


[error] => invalid_grant

[error_description] => Invalid refresh token. Unable to migrate grant.

i use POST. one character - OK, other have problem

This sounds like the tokens couldn’t be migrated to new v2 OAuth endpoints. I’d ensure you’re using the v2 routes as per SSO Endpoint Deprecations - EVE: Developers.

im use"](
Re-launched 3 characters, got the update token about an hour and again stopped updating only one.

Maybe the refresh tokens got changed when you are refreshing the first time. From reading the esi documentation, there is a note at the end about this.

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