Problem with creation of refresh tokens


tl:dr I have a problem with the creation of a refresh token for one guy.

Im running a service where I implement esi pulls on google sheets for peoples.
For this I have to create dev. application and refresh tokens with my customers.
I have a Google Sheet with some scripts for this task.

So I have only one customer where it always returns “malformed” refresh tokens.
But for everyone else it works fine.

The refresh tooken looks like eg.: DGDFNSDEzk2BPCFaf7dcRg==
normaly it should look like: 2dkPUyX7fEDRTPSVifZIhqNqRTHl-2epIVfDfE4bxd3f2tzfV_zYM8WVra_JKnuK0

ESI pulls with the upper ref. token are returning “malformed” refresh token errors.

The customer is chinese and he is also my first chinese customer.

I dont know how to fix this problem. It feels like its something server sided or because his google/ os/ eve account is chinese idk?

Does someone know how to fix this?


That refresh token is from the V2 SSO flow. Can read up on the docs here:

The refresh token you share above looks normal.

If you post to with a body of “grant_type=refresh_token&refresh_token=(your token URL encoded)” then you will receive a response that has your limited-time access token.

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