Do you hold the spoon, or the sword? (Null)

    If you’ve come here looking for something different, then you are in the right place. Whether it be the massive swathes of renters, or just massive, lethargic alliances, nullsec has become a safe, soft place with very little fighting. Everyone likes their fortress, and doesn’t want to risk it by fighting people with any real conviction. We strive to differ from the average groups as a corporation, and as an alliance as a whole. Are we small? Yes, smaller than most alliances these days, but passion is not at all tied to size. We are passionate about being what others are not. Do we have a 1000 man super cap fleet? No, but we are not afraid to take a fight that may not end in out favor 100% of the time. We are willing to take a stand, and fight for our territory. Being smaller just means we must make up for what we lack in sheer size with sheer willpower. We are looking for people who don’t mind fighting. We are looking for people who want to make a difference, who want to mean more than just a number. We aim to have a tight knit atmosphere, where every single person and every single persons contribution matters. You can say you do, but no one enjoys being just another number to an alliance. Meaning nothing but another f1 body. It gives you no feeling of purpose or worth. While we are passionate about pvp every alliance needs industrialists, amd we are more than happy to accept you as well!
Here are some specifics of our corporation

What we require:

  • Ts3

  • Discord

  • Full api keys

  • A good attitude

  • Willingness to fight for your home

  • Terrible sense of humor

  • No sp limit, anyone is allowed to apply


What we offer:

  • Space for you to rat and mine in when you need isk
  • A tight knit corp enviorment
  • Great small gang opportunities
  • Alliance level fleet activity
  • Buyback programs
  • Jf services


So now you must ask yourself the question. Are you willing to pick up the sword, or continue to eat from the spoon that has made you docile?


To chat ingame join the channel
13th company recruitment


You can also pm
Heng domain
Keithstone enchaluene
Alkain highwind

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Tons of opportunities just waiting for people

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Having a lot of fun out here!

Can confirm. Also this week only offer. Come out and join us and you get to kill kain and keep his corpse!

I like to be on the top

New and improved with more moongoo!

We got the goo if you got the love :0


The taste o content sure is better than blue donuts and overlords feet.


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