Corporation looking for nullsec alliance

To start with I was offline since 6 months (maybe even more). The reason for which I left was that my corporation was part of QFC and at some point my corp was kicked, becouse they consider me as a spy (well api key, or esi or whatever is now used should prove that I was innocent).
So after kicking my corporation and basicly forcing my corp members to join another corporations I left eve.
Now I’m back and well I wouild like to start something new. I know that I’m able to rebuild my corporation and I would like to be a part of something smaller or bigger. I just would like to not be kicked after week without any reason. (I can even provide these api stuff every day if new alliance wants). I don’t have any kind of preferences. I can join south as well as north forces or independent ones. I also prefer to not rent space at least not yet.
I’m looking for alliance with some nullsec space, even if it’s bad (like -0.01). I would like to build community, so it would be nice if they would use discord (ts3 is also fine, but i prefer discord).
I know that my corp has atm only 1 person, but it’s just matter of time to change it. In recruitment I have quite big experience.
Thanks for your attention and merry christmas to everyone :slight_smile:

Hello mate,

I am not sure of the details, or of what your issues are… If you or your corp need a place to join, we would be willing to look at ESI and allow you to merge into our corp ( ESI Permitting ).

I know this isn’t the best message, but no one should be alone man.

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