Do you want to expand or start industry and building? Capital stuff for sale

(Gunnar Grevling) #1

Hey folks.

Taking a break from building cause I dont have to much time to manage everything atm, and checking if anyone wants to buy up my stock.

Reaction formulas etc

Capital module bpos (ME in 8s and 9s) (with alot of t1 and t2 bpcs)
Construction Component bpos (all 10/20)
-The evepraisal does not take research in to consideration when priced, but gives a list of what bpos it is)

Apostle BPO (8/16) (Comes with 16x 1run bpcs as a bonus)
Revelation BPO (8/16) (Comes with 12x 1run bpcs as a bonus)

Everything goes for 50b bulk deal.

Located in M-O

(Mad Vemane) #2

is that evep you cap component or do you also have a list of capital parts bpo?

(Gunnar Grevling) #3

Hey mate.

Not sure what you ment.
It is not Capital parts bpos. They are all sold. There are some part bpcs in the mix.

The capital BPO`s in this sale is in the evepraisal link.

(The Durantis) #4

Set contract to me for 40b

(system) #5

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