Docked & Loaded Looking to Grow

Revamping our love for the game, and looking for like minded people. We enjoy the community we formed in EvE and would like to welcome people who feel lost as well as newer players looking for a home. We foster a pretty chill place to hangout with a RL first mentality.

We primarily focus on PvP and I always push to be out doing things and having fun. It’s easy to spin in a station or be worried about undocking. Creating an environment for all levels of players to fly together and take part in what EvE has to offer is the main driving force behind our corporation.

Flying a tech 3 cruiser and doing some hunting is great fun, but I love taking fights in T1 ships and flying stuff I have no problem losing and people are so much more willing to join in the fun! Living in a C4 with a C3/C5 static gives a lot of connections to explore, from null to shattered WH’s there is a lot of places to find content and get what you need. You can check out our killboard to see some of the shenanigans we get into.

Current Benefits:
Multiple fleets a week
Pathfinder and Teamspeak (Private Servers)
Discord for chit chat and updates
Corp use ships for roams and rolling
Scout gets pick of juicy loot
War-dec immune and 0% tax
Good PI and structures for indy, production, and reactions

We are primarily USTZ. We have a few in the EUTZ and they are always out hunting and snagging kills and we would gladly take people in either TZ looking to help us grow or want to be part of something where your actions matter. A general understanding of EvE would be preferred but we are opening our doors to more newer players looking to dip their toes in to WH space (it isn’t as scary as you think.)

Hit us up in our ingame channel ‘Docked Pub’ or head over to our Discord for the fastest response and to find out more about us!

Excited to meet more unique people!

Would love to try more fun fleet comps, come share your ideas!

Forgot to mention SRP being up and running for fleets. :upside_down_face:

Need more ppl to lead into their demise :laughing:

NPSI, Small gang, and corp stuff we looking to help pilots grow and have fun!

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