Does having a negative sec status devalue a toon when selling?

Title has my question. Just curious.


Totally dependent on what the buyer wants. If it’s for wh, ls or ns that won’t matter at all

Probably not. I guess it could turn off some people from buying, but a few hundred million ISK to return even a -10 to zero with tags is a very minor part of the cost of buying a character. It might even be a selling point for a focused “lowsec pirate” or ganker alt.

Still, probably safest just to tag up to -2 and not make it an issue for a buyer.

For the auction house i believe there is a rule, you need to be positive sec status to use it.

Positive isk. Nothing about sec status.

Before clone tags it could if the toon was desired for high sec. But with clone tags sec status is mostly irrelvent to price of toon as it can be fully recovered in game for what? 200m isk max?