[Domain] evefreetrial.com

Gauging interest on this. I’ve owned evefreetrial.com (as well as .net and .org) for a long time now and am willing to sell for the right price since I haven’t had the interest in maintaining/promoting the site for a while.

This is what I earned from it when I was actively promoting it, just posting it around on reddit and a few forums I was active on. This was over the span of about 2 years (of being active):


It wouldn’t take much effort to revamp the site and start promoting it to earn more plex/game time :slight_smile:

P.S. I’m operating under the assumption this is allowed because selling hosting for eve related sites for ISK is allowed. If it’s not allowed it’s not a big deal just delete this and let me know.

P.P.S. I’m also willing to sell this domain to CCP.

Still open to offers.

Forgive me if this is rude and I am genuinely not trying to crap your sale, but now that alpha exists, what benefits does a “free trial” off people?

I ask because as a curious reader I have no idea what benefits new players might get from a trial and therefore can’t imagine whether or not this site would still have a target audience.

I believe you get more starting skill points when signing up via a buddy invite. I’m not 100% sure though.

Happy to revamp the site if the buyer feels it is required :slight_smile:

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