[SERVICE] Website hosting service for corps/alliances/community

Hi there, I have been playing Eve on and off since it came out and like being involved with communities within the game, i offer web hosting for businesses in IRL along with branded merchandise so have all the servers in place already for my own business needs.

I am now offering an Eve Hosting Package that you pay via ISK in-game so there is no need to spend your RL money every month on your corp/alliance website.

We are offering:

10GB Disk Space
100GB Bandwidth (more if required at additional cost)
1 FTP Accounts
10 MySQL Databases
cPanel - Yes
SSL Certificate - Free from Cpanel
10 Sub-Domains
50 Custom Email Addresses
50GB Mailbox Size
Email Forwarding - yes

Price is 75,000,000/month (75m).

You will need your own domain name, setup is simple you will be given the name servers to point your domain to and then your account will be setup once payment has been made, you will get full Cpanel access to your website allowing you to install a variety of tools and website types.

You can easily setup a wordpress website in just a few clicks, install killboards, forums etc.

If you are interested please comment below or drop me a mail in-game I generally check my mails every day.

Also contact us via Discord

Thanks in advance, we are a UK based company and our servers are based in the UK!

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Without questioning your integrity or motives, I have to wonder:

  • How can we be sure you won’t view our EVE data? Feels like a conflict of interest.
  • How could a legal service contract be written to include provisions for ISK payments and enforcement? CCP does not want to and will not get involved in matters like this if there is a dispute.
  • If something happens to you personally, how will we receive customer support, especially with regards to billing?

Hi well we are a company that abides my data protection so obviously this applies to all customers being hosted regardless of payment method.

In the same thoughts how do you know any other web host doesnt look at the data just the same as our word says we dont.

Have no interest in your data.

What do you mean if some thing happens to me personally? as in in IRL? not sure even our IRL customers havent ever asked any thing like this haha :smiley:

payment method doesnt effect general consumer rights and laws so the payment being in isk is irrelevant you are still using a hosting provider.

I actually know the names of the other companies. They’re major companies with proven track records that are heavily audited. Thus far your company is an anonymous no-name that appears to have a personal motivation (you personally benefiting ISK-wise) in providing such a service, assuming it isn’t a take-the-money-and-run scam.

I ask because it is against the TOS/EULA for other people to log into your account, so unless you’ve written a program to fetch payment data via API, then other employees at your company wouldn’t be able to handle things like this. And what about refunds?

I wasnt sure if was allowed to link our web hosting website, as it has hosting information for IRL money and you are not allowed to associate eve services with IRL money values as then its classed as isk conversion which isnt allowed.

I run the business on my own, I run it along with 3 other businesses, we have the servers for our own business needs and have space that can be used by others, its your choice to pick who you want to host with but there is only a few people that offer it for isk.

And if there servers are not up for prelonged periods of time we will obviously refund payments.

what is under the table? ccp dont allow you to link services that cost real money as its against TOS/EULA which is why I didnt link the website in the first place, you are allowed to sell services for isk but you cannot show a real world value for said services.

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bumping service still available + alliance creation service now available too

Could you link one of your websites ? Want to check the visuals

its a web hosting service? visuals of what sorry?

Any website you guys hosted

well we cant share customers websites that would be a breach of GDPR, but I can link you one of my own personal websites.


Nice thank you

no worries if you have any more questions feel free to drop me a mail in game, im out on some fleets tonight so might not reply straight away

what are you talking about?

Wut? You just did that to him ahahah


Available to chat regarding hosting services all day/night today minus a couple hours around 6pm eve time :smiley: