[SERVICE] EVE Online Corporation Website Development + Hosting + Domain Name


  • I am offering Website Design for EVE Corporations
  • Website will be highly performant on all platforms
  • Website will be built the way you want

Prices and policies:

  • 7 Bil ISK per website
  • Payment done 50% upfront 50% upon delivery
  • FREE lifetime hosting will be provided

If you want instead a .com domain then you can get it from another place.

A sample of my work: A Sample Corp

I also develop custom ESI powered websites. Contact me in-game on in discord for a quote.

Most recent work: multi-lemm-logistics.com/

If you want to go ahead and get a website for your corporation to help it grow then feel free to send an EVE Mail to "Contrum Inkunen".


Service still available!

Get your own ESI tool today!

Very nice work. Iā€™m putting something together now. Does using ESI add to the cost?

might try this

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Yes a price for ESI is quoted separately depending on the actual requirements

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