[SERVICE] Corporation Website Design + Hosting + Domain Name

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  • I am offering Website Design for EVE Corporations
  • Delivered website will be responsive, it will fit on all screens.
  • Website will be built on a CMS (WordPress) so you can edit the pages from admin panel.
  • If you don’t want a CMS I can do just the Front-End too.

Prices and policies:

  • 2 Bil ISK per website
  • Payment done 50% upfront 50% upon delivery
  • FREE lifetime hosting account will be provided
  • I will provide lifetime FREE Domain Name with one of the extensions .tk, .ml, .ga, .cf, .gq
    If you want instead a .com domain then it’s extra 5Bil ISK or you can get it from other place.

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Now for 24 hours only get a website at half the price :wink: Mail me for a speedy delivery.

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Bump :wink:

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Do you have any references of your past work?

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None currently online for eve online. However most of my websites are for real life, send a mail in game and I’ll give them if interested.

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I like to see some example from your work, it’s possible?

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I am interested. Can you please send an in game mail to this account? I will want some examples of your work as well. I can get you the money as soon as tonight if you want to work on it over the weekend.

(Arisha Moon) #17

Hi, can you send me or post here some of your works? i am interested

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