[SERVICE] WTS Web Design and graphic design Services + Hosting

As a full time web developer and graphic I would be happy to offer my services to alliances and corporations that would like to own a bit of space on the internet…

As as passion of mine I really enjoy making websites, I put all my effort into producing the best possible sites I can. Please ingame mail me and reply here saying mailed so we can discuss your project

I specialise in typographical design which means, clean designs with no unnecessary clutter. I don’t normally provide logo design services as in digital illustration but I can provide typographic logo, basically font driven designs.

Examples ( 2 not eve related ) Open in a new tab…


Coding Languages

Small amount of PHP

In regards to hosting and domain ownership, that would be better provided by yourself based on EULA regulations but happy to sort this for you, but at considerable ISK cost

All website project costs are based on what you require.

Happy Customers!!

tbagger9817m - Asteroid Farm Unlimited - The Bastion
Alena, the site is amazing man! Good price! Easy to deal with for sure, recommend 120%


In addition I am always happy to assist at an hourly isk rate for editing front end design that you already have but require tinkering…

Here to help :slight_smile:


1 Customer Already happy, who will be next? Mail me :slight_smile:

Do you know much about designing templates for sites made using django?

Hi Omnimushu Hirashi

I’ve not actually dealt with Django before, I can code all matter of css, js and html I can make wordpress website, but who can’t these days lol

Sorry I can’t help with that :frowning:

Also! bump :slight_smile:

Bump, another happy customer :slight_smile:


Can you mail me ingame with the extent of what you are able to code and a rough idea on cost please?

OF course, no problem, will message you now.

Lots of happy customers, happy to assist with projects :slight_smile:




Im interested in a slick website , with some intergration with eve login.

We are looking to get some graphic design done to but will look around.

Can you mail me inregards to what costings are involved and then i can spam you with questions.


Hi Hunted, I will message you ingame, costs straight off the bat are hard to provide until I understand what you require fully. Check your inbox.


Alena, the site is amazing man! Good price! Easy to deal with for sure, recommend 120%

Really Appreciate the review!

SERVICES OPEN - Now offering Websites etc etc blah blah! Get in touch :slight_smile: