[SERVICE] Eve Online Technology Services

Website: https://onefox.org

We are offering for hire technology services for Eve Online Corporations & Alliances. This includes a wide range of areas including, but not limited to:

  • Web Hosting
  • App Hosting
  • Website Development
  • Web Services Deployments
  • Video Production
  • Graphics Design

EXAMPLE(1): Your Alliance/Corporation would like to deploy AllianceAuth/Pathfinder/SeAT. This can be handled by our team including hosting or setup on your own server infrastructure.

EXAMPLE(2): Your Alliance/Corporation would like a website developed/hosted.

EXAMPLE(3): Your Alliance/Corporation would like a logo or video created.

EXAMPLE(4): Your Alliance/Corporation has its own web app it wishes to host.

All services are to be paid in ISK.

Some of our work:

Video Production:


Discord Bot:


Pricing is not fixed. As each project is different, a quote will be provided after assessment of project. All projects will be paid in ISK.

Hosting requires a monthly fee and deposit.

Check out Awesome-Eve to see what software could best benefit your Alliance/Corporation:



Discord: Ceillian#1314
Eve Mail: Ceillian

Still providing services.

So to cut this straight to the edge: ONEFOX highly recommended!

Ceillian is a great guy, very informative and helpful; work has been done with constant feedback and communication.
Services were SeAT and Tripwire with a webpage, and everything was done in less then a day time. The whole service is very ISK friendly too.

My experience and verdict: 5/5

Great Service | Great Price | Hella Responsive 10/10

I ordered the Website Development package. After going over the requirements I wanted, We discussed price and he got to work.

My order was completed quickly and i’m very satisfied with it.

Be sure to give Ceillian a poke if you need services for your group stood up.

Thanks again. (10/10)

still providing services.

reached out to you ingame if you still do this.

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