[SERVICE] cPanel Web Hosting for isk!

(EveBB) #1

EVE-Host offer web hosting services for in-game isk.

We offer four different plans…

Bronze Plan - 100 million isk p/m

  • 1GB of web space
  • 1TB of Monthly bandwidth
  • 1 Database

Silver Plan - 200 million isk p/m

  • 5GB of web space
  • 2TB of Monthly bandwidth
  • 3 Databases

Gold Plan - 300 million isk p/m

  • 15GB of web space
  • 3 TB of Monthly bandwidth
  • 5 Databases

Platinum Plan - 500 million isk p/m

  • 25GB of web space
  • 5TB of Monthly bandwidth
  • 25 Databases

For further information and to sign up please visit https://eve-host.com/

Please note that a domain will be required to use this service which we do not currently provide (future service). Domains can be purchased very cheap and then pointed to our servers.

(lost packet) #2

EVEHost where have I heard that name before…

(EveBB) #3

Please explain. I have provided hosting before under the name EVESpace but that was some time ago and not something I am hiding as I had many happy customers. There is an EVEHost but having checked previously they provide hosting for RL money so not EVE related as far as I can see. I don’t want to upset anyone so if I am treading on toes please let me know.

(lost packet) #4

They do sell PLEX as well and think is run by GRN who run EVE Radio. Just caught my eye it had a similar name and URL :stuck_out_tongue: