Dominion is recruiting. PvP, Indy and PvE players. EU and US TZ. (Imperium Members)

Dominion. is a sov null corp, we are members of the Get Off My Lawn alliance, which is part of the Imperium. We live in Delve :slight_smile:

We are mostly about PVP, but also have members who Krab and do Indy stuff. We have access to some of the best Krabbing space in Eve, and access to all the indy stations anyone could ever want. We have a lot in Cloud Ring, but we also have access to everything in Delve. We are all about RL first, and only require one fleet a month.

What we offer

  • Small scale pvp roams and BLOPS fleets
  • Large scale PVP fleets with coalition
  • In general, all sorts of great PVP (including cap and super fleets)
  • Solid SOV space
  • Great ratting systems, probably the best in Eve
  • Corp and Coalition JF Service
  • Experienced leadership
  • Friendly members, always ready to help
  • Real Life always comes first

What we require

  • Minimum 20 mill SP
  • Mature members, minimum age: 18
  • Omega account
  • Full ESI on all characters
  • No drama
  • Minimum 1 fleet a month
  • A working mic, we are active on comms
  • Willingness to train into Coalition/Alliance doctrine ships

If you want to talk, please join our Discord and say hi, and a recruiter will get in contact with you ASAP Dominion

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Still recruiting, stop by and say hi :slight_smile:

We are still looking for new friends to fly with :slight_smile:

Come join us and get lots of good moons to mine, and a lot of pvp :slight_smile:

Still recruiting

We moved to Delve :slight_smile:

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Come and join us :smiley:

We are still recruiting :slight_smile:

This is a good corp if you’ve nvr been in null or you want to return. You join us, learn the ropes, enjoy null. This corp doesn’t require you to play our way. Our requirement is enjoy your time on eve make some friends shot something be it rocks,rats, or preferably other capsuleers . If your too broke for pvp come to null we’ll teach ya many ways to make isk so you can afford to undock and pvp. I left HS scrapping for isk about a yr ago. Now not an issue with a hanger full of fun ships to do what ever I want. Worried about getting ships Delve has one of the best markets and some reliable hauling services between the hubs. Best part about it. You come down and don’t like it i doubt you will but…. You can always pack up and move out, your not a prisoner.

Bump, still recruiting :slight_smile:

Stop by our discord and say hi, maybe we could be your new home

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

Still recruiting, stop by and say hi

Still recruiting, come and have fun with us :slight_smile:


bumping :slight_smile:

Come join us, and have fun and good pvp

Bump :slight_smile: