EDOM [EU/US] Active nullsec PVP

Exiled Dominion [EDOM] is an old corp with alot of experienced players who can help you grow as a player, have fun, make isk and pewpew.

We’re looking for anyone, of any ingame profession. New and old players welcome.

If your a PVP’er or looking to become one we have experienced FC’s and players who take out regular roams and give out free ships for corp members to PVP in.

We also provide good space for industry and ratting as well as payouts and free ships for helping with corp moons and logistics.

Newbro who wants to learn PVP and how to make money? No problem we offer training sessions and can get you started with your first ships, and provide a space for you to ask all the questions you want.

Hop on discord and say hello if you are interested https://discord.gg/v32pcrD we also play many other social games to pass the time. Microphone is a must.

TLDR of what we offer:
PVP training
FC training
Free Ships
Free Skills books
Safe Ratting / mining Space with a large super umbrella
All Types of PVP from 1000+ man fights to Small gang PVP.
Corp will payout a % of moon value to them members which help mine it
Strong Social aspect

Mainly EU and US TZ

Primary contacts: Tharman01 and Senior moment


Recruitment is still open join today our discord or pm in gmae

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Still recruiting. Message us for more information.

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PM me in game or on discord for more info

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