Dominion. is recruiting. PvP, Indy and PvE players. Sov Null. EU and US TZ

Still recruiting, come and have fun with us :slight_smile:


You know you want to join us.
We are waiting for you

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

Still recruiting, come make isk, and get good kills, with us :slight_smile:

Bump… Still recruiting.


Come join us and get good kills, and make good isk :slight_smile:

We are also looking for miners that like pvp

And indy players, that like pvp :slight_smile:

Bump :slight_smile:

Still recruiting

Join us and make good isk, and get good kills.

Still recruiting :slight_smile:

New member here, corp’s been great so far, everyone is really helpful, and Horde always has good content. Come fly with us!

Still recruiting, come and join our nice, friendly group.

Bump, still recruiting.