30mil PVP focused player looking for small gang/ganking PVP corp

Just looking for a laid back group of people for small gang/ganking/pirating stuff. purely PVP focused with zero interest in industrial. I don’t have any interest in Wormhole space. Just old school style roaming null/low harassing people.

USTZ based but primarily play during EU time.

Killboard: Rozo Druprime | Character | zKillboard

Hey Rozo,

Sounds like you’d be a good fit for Aurora Empire.

You’ll have access to mission running in NPC, gas huffing, and as much PVP as you can handle. We’re in a super chill alliance with a strong EUTZ presence and our is heavy on GMT.

Check us out on Zkill.

If this is what you’re looking for, why not hit us up on Discord?

TSSOC is a long time, well established corp living in a busy area of Null

come give us a look

bump, still looking for a pvp/pirate corp.


bump still looking.

Hi rozo

Have a look at out proposal below


please check us out!

We at The Order of Omerta are looking for killers. We do a bit of everything but I and some other older returning players are wanting to focus more on pvp and not so much the indy side of things (we still do indy stuff). We are always looking for more experienced pvp pilots to join our roams and fw forays and help teach anyone willing how to kill properly.

We are an older bunch of guys and tend to like to hang on coms and shoot the ■■■■ while shooting at ■■■■.

Come stop by and we will chat if interested.

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