Down Under Syndrome is looking for corporations and new recruits!

Down Under Syndrome is looking for TWO mining corporations looking to make piles of isk in the Placid region. We are also looking to recruit more PvP pilots to the executor corporation: ORIFT (zkill)

Must meet one of the following:
** 20+ pilot heavy industry corporation (capital production capable, Rorqual capabilities)*
** 10+ pilot medium industry corporation (Orca boosts, STABLE battlecruiser and below production)*
** 6+ million skill points AND Omega for individual pilots seeking membership for executor corporation*

What we offer:
** Over 50 BILLION per week in the most valuable moon mining opportunities*
** ACTIVE pvp fleets across 4 regions*
** Access to low sec AND null sec ores including crokite and arkonor*
** LOCAL market place used by the alliance as well as our allies*
** WELL MAINTAINED infrastructure and experienced leaders, each with more than 10 yrs experience*
** SRP program designed to keep you flying*
** Reliable Allies and a long standing reputation as being a dependable friend and a fearless foe*

Visit our Discord (click me) for more information if this opportunity sounds appropriate for your respective corporations

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Been flying with this corp for a while. I’ve had a great time. Good group of people, capable of doing anything in the game. Come “Clap some cheeks” with us!

We are still recruiting members.



Still looking for more players to fly with o7

Still looking for more players to fly with o7

Still looking for more players to fly with o7

still looking for players and corporations that looking for a home O.o

Still looking for more players to fly with o7

hello o7

We are interested, I actually looked you guys up before i even saw this post, have a rag tag bunch of guys that are looking for a new home, Hit me up in game.