Dracarys Alliance - Sov Null - PvP/PvE/Industry - US/EU/RU/CN - Recruiting Corporations

Dracarys is an Alliance under The Imperium Coalition. Being a multi-national Alliance, Dracarys offers safety and content regardless of what time zone you play in. We have translators to remove language barriers that relay information in and out of fleets so that everyone can communicate quickly and easily.

As a Corporation within Dracarys, you can offer your members:

  • 100% SRP on Alliance Fleets
  • Some of the best space Eve has to offer (Querious and Catch)
  • Open Border Policy with Coalition Members (More Space if Querious and Catch aren’t enough)
  • Low Monthly Fleet Requirements
  • Stocked Markets
  • Friendly and Mature Atmosphere

If you’re looking for a new home to bring your Corporation, reach out to one of our recruiters with any questions and see if we’re a good fit.

Alliance Contacts

Gone With Windy / Fadek Windy (CNTZ)
Discord: Gone With Windy#6860

Alliance Diplomats

Switch Pro (USTZ)
Discord: .switchpro

Letsplay AGame (EU/RU)
Discord: letsplayagame

In-game Recruitment Channel: Dracarys.Recruit.Diplo

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