Draco LLC – Indi Corp Recruiting new and old

Draco LLC – Eating Rocks and Killing Rats

Like mining?

Like killing rats?

Would you like to do the above in high sec AND low sec?

We are a new corp of experienced indi pilots looking for anyone who wants to eat all the rocks and kill all the rats. We operate out of the Molden Heath area around the Bosena system. All pilots new and old are welcome, and we will teach any new bro who wants to learn the in and out of low/null sec mining.


  • Full API is required before you are accepted into corp, this includes any alts you may have that you want to join to the corp.

  • Must be friendly to all corp and alliance members.

  • Discord is required to take part in fleet ops.

  • Must be active.

What we offer:

  • High sec mining for new people not ready for low sec. Including HS ice mining.

  • Access to corp structures in HS for refining/compressing ore/ice, and engineering structures in HS.

  • Multiple Athanors in low sec for mining moon ore.

  • Ratting fleets for bounties and salvage around the Low sec area we operate out of.

  • Corp mining ops with security provided by the Alliance we are part of.

  • Ships provided for mining ops.

  • Ore, ice, and salvage buy back program.

Join our Public channel at – Draco LLC Pub –

Fly Safe and have fun!

Know of a pvp pilot looking for a great PVP corp? Send them over to our friends over at Altered Carbon Collective! Altered Carbon Collective - We Want You

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