Drakemoon Inc

hello everyone drakemoon inc is currently recruiting pilots. we offer all pilots that need or want a high sec home a home. To us it doesnt matter if you run missions if you mine or you like to do exploration thats all cool to us we welcome everyone from all walks of life. We are a very new bro friendly corp that welcome new and returning players to our corp. Sadly we are a small corp but we are looking to grow and become a good team together.

what we offer.
-mining fleets
-orca boosts
-active community
-growing people together
-new bro friendly
-returning player friendly

what we are looking for.
-active players
-mission runners
-anyone that needs a home
-people looking and whiling to learn

coming soon

buy back program
-small gang fleet roams
-combat training for goals
-more active group of people to hangout with and chill with.

in game your welcome to contact me or join drakemoon recruitment. and speak with myself or wonderwomanlys.

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