Dreadnought vs Supercarriers and FAXes

A Dreadnaught equipped with short range anti-capital ship weapons should be good against… capital ships. Supercarriers have wings of fighters and heavy fighters, which should make them more generalists. The supercarriers can also be repaired by a FAX while a Dreadnaught can’t really do much damage outside Siege mode and so needs to rely on just having a large EHP pool. A specialist should be more cost efficient at it’s role than a generalist, so it seems a bunch of Revelations with anti-capital weapons should be good at killing a group of Supercarriers and FAXes if they can close the distance.

There are some similarities I see to subcap fights like an Afterburner Neuting Dragoon vs a MWD Catalyst. The Cat wants to apply direct damage to the Dragon, while the Dragoon would rather have his drones to the work and not be within blaster range. If the distance is closed, the Dragoon wants to keep a high tracking situation since that minimizes the damage the turrets do, but high traversal barely affects light or even drone damage against destroyers.

Back to capital fights. Large fleets are likely to be mixed with different types of capitals and subcapitals (no all Dreads for example), but it’s certainly possible for one side to be heavy on Pulse Laser Giga Dreadnaughts and one side to be heavy on super carriers. The side with huge Dreadnaught superiority likely wants to get them in range and the side with more super carriers likely want to stay away. The thing is, Dreadnaughts need to use siege mode to get the most out of their turrets. Unlike the subcap situation, they can’t just slowboat into range. So I’m not really sure how they are supposed to do this. And low sec might just be worse Team We Have Lots of Anti-Capital Revelations and other Dreads needs to close the distance and have multiple HICs to hold their targets in place while Team We Have Lots of Supercarriers just needs to stay away.

Cyno or warp in so you start the fight within your fleets optimal range from your desired targets.

See: WW2 carrier warfare.

Gonna need several screen (blocking) fleets made up of smaller ships to help close distance between two or more groups of carriers. I’m completely inexperienced in-game regarding these big toys, but many IRL battles between carriers during WW2 were recorded and could offer some interesting answers to your question.