Dream Squad/dream fleet are looking for corporations



The basis of the alliance, including that reflected in the name, is the fleet. We are focused on the use of all fleet configurations that can be used in modern Eve and do not limit ourselves to any one format. This means that amateurs and specialists of any fleet profession - from the scout to the pilot of the supercaps - will be able to assess how their perception of combat in the fleet will change, making the quality of pilots the basis of their success, and not their number.
Talented commanders will have the opportunity to prove themselves in conditions when the fleet is in fact ready to support and evaluate their initiatives if they are effective. If you are looking for interesting and complex fights in the team that wants the same - then in Dream fleet you will find like-minded people.

We looking to increase English community within our alliance

Benefits include;

  • Alliance and Coalition Voice Comms (Teamspeak)
  • Access to intel channels
  • Access to region wide jump bridge network
  • Logistics services for the alliance
  • Multiple PvP fleets from small to large scale
  • Whole regions as a coalition/community
  • Experienced leadership (10 years + in EVE)
  • SRP program up to SC/Titan
    *NPC Space

Admission of corporations to the alliance
Most have active members of above 5 (KB Confirm)
Leadership has most been active/Corporation most been at least 6th months old
Looking for two US /EU corporation
Please mail Godwin CEO of shadows incursion
Or Join Discord
Link https://discord.gg/5dg9XCc


Still looking


Still looking for corps


Looking primary for USTZ corp


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Still looking


Still looking


Looking for 2 corps

(Starbud Paul) #9

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Still looking :slight_smile:

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Still looking for corp’s

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Still looking for the right corp


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all is welcome, even merge’s :slight_smile:

(JJ Uitoh) #19

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