Drifters. WH Alliance recruiting Corps

Dirfters. is looking to add a pvp focused corp to our alliance. We’re looking to fill a EU tz slot and a US tz slot, We currently live in a C4 with C3/C5 statics, we have lots of content available from pvp/pve to gas huffing and mining. Won’t disclose to much in here but if you have any questions then please msg me in game and we can discuss more details.

still looking

Have had a couple corps interested but not quite what would work, still looking

Still looking

Still looking for that corp or two

Found a great corp with some great members, still looking for another corp

Still looking for another group

Still looking for a good fit to add to our pvp capabilites.

Still looking for a solid US TZ pvp corp

We’re still interested in another corp or two. TZ isn’t to important.

Still looking for some new member corps

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