Drone Control Range - Optimal + Falloff for order retention?

One of the problems with Ishtars and other drone doctrines is, once they have given their attack command to the drones, they can kite away essentially forever for safety. This is abused a lot in Pochven since the combat site targets are beefy and have a long kill time, so Ishtar fleets can burn 200km away or more, essentially negating any risk of being PVP’d.

If drone control range had an optimal (the range you can give new orders to drones), and a falloff (the maximum range drones would continue to follow previous orders, before canceling orders and returning to orbit), this might help with this sort of issue. Or if the site rats were more willing to aggro drones…

Yeah, I really think the more useful chage would be in the AI of all rats.

The higher the distance between player and NPC, the higher the chance of an aggro-switch to the drones to defang him. Modifier could be a logarithmic curve between 0 and 100km. Would make NPCs a bit more nasty and also nerf the overly strong Gila/Ishtar botting… eehhh… farming a bit.

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