Drone Link Augmentor

Please change/make up the description of the module. Some players think it will increase the range of sentry drones.

I’m confused… Is really clear



not to everyone it seems.

I haven’t used them in a while, but if I recall they do increase the range at which you can start shooting at a target with your sentries. That makes them great for Wardens.

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It increases the range in what you can control the drones not the range of the drones. It has nothing to do with sentry drones ranges.

Omnidirectional Tracking Link will increase the optimal range of Sentry drones and the drone link augmentor will increase the range you can control the drones. If you want your Wardens to hit targets at 100Km, you need both.

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No I just need omnidirectional tracking link, I don’t need increase my drone control range to guide sentry drones that are circa 3000m from me.

But if your control range is only 60km, increasing the firing range is nearly pointless, especially if they can already fire beyond that.

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Well, here is the problem. Drone Control Range is not the range between you and your drones, is between you and your target. The drones can be at 100km and your target at 5km from you, and your drones will shoot at it, but if your target is at 80km, even if your drones are near you or your target, they won’t attack. The Drone Link Augmentor increase that range.


Drone control range - is the range in which you can make orders to your drones, not the range of the drones itself.

I didnt talk about drones range. Talking about that they are able to attack, does not mean that they are in range to deal damage.

Another example, your drones are at 150km from you. You can still give orders to them, but if your target is above your control range, you cannot order your drones to interact with it.

Edit: As I said, Drone Control Range is between you and your target, not between you and your drones.


Oh, God help me. Drone control range is the value you can give orders to your drones, for example attack or scoop. With max skills it is 60 km on Stratios for example. For any drones, light or sentries. It does not increase the range of the drones itself so sentries will not have +25 range with DLAII. And people still confusing that.
If you want to know what drone control range is open fitting window and hover your mouse over this stat, you will have the description.

A 2013 char trying to tell a 2006 char what Drone Control Range is… Maybe what is need to be change is the Fitting Window Description.

Just for lols, go to SISI, fit a BC/BS with a MJD, launch a couple of drones, MJD and tell everyone if you can order your drones to come back


Oh I can’t but I can’t increase the range of sentries either. And that the problem people don’t understand.

Ok. Now I’m confused, I could scoop my light drones from distance far that my drone control range…
Now I’m pretty sure I shoot my sentries far beyond my drone control range…

Edit: Oh, seams that you test it your self. I never talk about Drone Range, but Control Range. Is a problem with the description of it, not the module. That’s why I try to explain that only matter the range between you and your target.


but what is control range then? On your example your sentry is almost 100km away from you and you still can order it to shoot. Without DLAs…
Garde don’t even has that max range if I recall corectly.

Drone Control Range is the radio of a Sphere in which you can order your drones to interact with other entities, being you the center of that Sphere.

Maybe this way you’ll understand it better?


then your example already shows your statement is flawed, you order drone to shoot almost at 100km but your drone control range is 60km?

But my target is at 5km, so I can give an order to my drones, even if they are at 100km of me.

Try not to think about you and your drones location, think about you and your target location inside that hypothetical sphere