Drone support unit & Drone link optimiser


(Mike Voidstar) #21

Sure, but if you take that feature away from them you need to increase their damage a fair amount. Drones pay a lot for that ability in being the only destructible weapons platform.

(Frostys Virpio) #22

They actaully don’t pay that much in term of DPS compared to other weapon platform. Especially if you don’t compare to hard to use short range platform like blasters.

(Mike Voidstar) #23

That’s the point. They pay a huge price by being destructible. The trade off is their auto-aggression making them somewhat resilient to ECM. That particular feature really needs improved so that it works while you are already under fire, not removed or nerfed in any way.

If you did remove it, it would need a pretty sizeable boost elsewhere, and you really don’t want to improve their application. I suppose you could improve their survivability to ‘nigh unkillable’ since they would be losing most of the point of being destructible in the first place, or just change them into turrets that used ‘ammo’ to spawn new drones as they are destroyed.

Either way, removing, or even just reducing the auto-aggression would need to be balanced by a heafty boost elsewhere.

(system) #24

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