[DRONV] Naliao Inc. - Pancakes and Triangles are the Breakfast of Champions

Who we are:

Naliao Inc. [DRONV] is a USTZ C4 Wormhole PVP corporation comprised of both EVE vets and (relatively) new bros. We focus on fleet PVP content in wormhole space, lowsec, and nullsec, with access to manufacturing facilities. We are a somewhat small group with a chill atmosphere and always looking for content and new members. Check us out in action here !
zkillboard link: https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98347143/

What we offer:

  • Daily PVP Fleets - previously a lowsec/nullsec Black Legion corp, our members are still always on the hunt for baddies to kill and unfortunate adventurers to trap.
  • C4/C3 PVE access - we have opportunities for sleeper ratting for those who subscribe to an isk-efficient lifestyle
  • Social environment - we’re all active on comms, both during fleets and just chilling and talking ■■■■ about SNUFF or Ranger Regiment.
  • Manufacturing/Reprocessing - we also have facilities for the industrious wormholer to make use of.
  • Gas huffing/mining anoms - gas huffing is both safer and more profitable than glue huffing, can confirm

What we’re looking for:

We’re always happy to take applicants on a case by case basis, but these are some general guidelines of what we want from our pilots and fleets:

  • Ability to fly a Drekavac or Barghest
  • Useful alts (chiefly: Guardian and dictor alts)
  • Scanning skills/alts are strongly recommended
  • Active players who like PVP content
  • Ram ranch jokes
    • something something cowboys and showers

I’m interested but I’ve never wormholed before, wat do?

That’s ok! As a smaller group we’re all here to help and ready to answer questions. *Disclaimer: “help” is liable to include significant helpings of memes attached.*We’ll help you learn the basic innies and outies of wormholes, from scanning your wormhole network to taking on sleepers and generally how not to die: wormhole edition of EVE online.

Have any questions or think you fit the bill? Join our discord and talk to a recruiter.

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