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Dead Triglavians

We have a relaxed player base which started their life in hi-sec running triglavian invasion around new eden.

Once invasion’s started coming to an end we started looking for a new path for our corp, when searching we came across our current alliance “Hardly Competent” and helped them with their move into null sec region Providence, since our move we have never looked back and become even stronger as a corporation.

We are looking for players who want to continue on our adventure in null sec and see where this can take us, if your interested or just want a chat please read below:

We offer:

  • Corp and Alliance activities
  • Relaxed Environment
  • A great region to live in to make ISK
  • Alliance Logistic support
  • Low tax Manufacturing, Refinery, Invention and other services.
  • Ship replacement program (Alliance)
  • Monthly corp 1 v 1 tournement
  • An active and friendly community

What we look for in new recruits:

  • Reasonable level of PVP experience.
  • A willingness to further the corp’s & alliance goals
  • A good attitude and level of maturity
  • Working mic and teamspeak
  • Willingness to attend corp and alliance ops.
  • Have fun!

Interested or want to know more?

In-game channel "DTIS."


Join our discord server and ping one of our recruiters


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