Trivium returning from dark space

We are Trivium, A Nullsec based corporation, with all-round capabilities. We are primarily looking for experienced and veteran players, but welcome new players into our group who are willing to learning, fly as a group, and become experts in their chosen field of EvE, whether it be black ops, mining and indy, capital warfare, etc.

Not going to blow wind up your thruster, we not are super flashy, we are not going to promise you everything under the sun then not deliver once you join us. What we will do, is include you in our PVP roams, PVE gangs, mining fleets and indy production as much as you wish, and we will show you how to do PVP, PVE, industry, scanning, triglavians, and what ever else you wish. You will make all the ISK you could want and have fun roaming with us, but you have to help make it happen, by being apart of our team.

We are looking for mature, motivated pilots who hold themselves to a higher standard than the rest of EvE.

Military Veterans are encouraged to apply, as we have a bunch of vets.

Find our corp advert in game in the recruitment tab.


Recruited some new members and looking for more, military veterans are encouraged to apply and join quite a few others!

Limited Recruitment is still open!

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