The Validus [EU/US] is recruiting new/vet players for Indy / PVP

The Validus a New and Veteran Player Corp is now recruiting pilots to strengthen their ranks in all careers. We are stationed in High Sec Space so very new player friendly. And close enough to Low/Null to keep the Vets entertained.

If Industry, mining with a large fleet including support or hauling our cargo is your thing you are absolutely free to contact any of us.

However if you are more into PVE/PVP combat don’t shy away either. We have plenty of people that run sites, abyssal and do security runs. Including our mining fleet and haulers.

We are an EVE Corp and a Gaming Community covering tons of different games you’d most likely feel right at home.

Contact me in game, Join our Public Channel The Validus or apply directly to our corp.

Fly safe!

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