:dealwithitparrot: DustOff Corporation filling up its ranks. Alpha and Newbro friendly

DustOff Corporation now recruiting !
►Real life comes first.
►High sec based for now.
►Newbros and grumpy vets.
►Alpha/Omega players welcomed.
►Missions, Invasions, Abyssal Deadspace ops.
►PVP ( going to try and get some kills if they dont drop carriers on our frigs )
►In cooperation with an indy corp ( they just mine and build ■■■■ , how sad :frowning: ) Alliance to be formed in the near future.
►Solid future planning, just need a good strong player base.
If you would like to be in a corporation that is building itself from the ground up and be with us through the bad and the good ( mostly bad ) come talk to our guys in DustOFF Pub

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