Dying Hope - Blowing your stuff up! - WH PVP EUTZ

Dying Hope is a newly recruiting corp looking to get dank frags in J space.

We are primarily a high sec based wormhole diving corp. Living in high sec with no structures to our name gives us access to all of the trade hubs without the risk of war decs, awesome right?! We use Siggy as a wormhole mapping tool and have a discord server for comms both in game and out of game. We are mainly EUTZ but i am on for most of the day (0700 - 2200 eve time).

We have opened our doors finally after 2 years of trying to find the right fit for being fun and not getting stale too quickly.

Our members are free to do whatever they want in eve, mining, ratting and trading but PVP is what we’re looking for. We don’t have any form of minimum participation but we try to encourage scanning and PVP as much as we can for content. Due to this to join you’d need to be able to scan and use a covert ops cloaking device, the cloak will only work on an omega account so we can’t accept mains with alpha accounts.

As a bare minimum, members need to have around 5 million skill points. Exceptions can be made for very focused characters.

Our killboard is HERE

We have just started a youtube channel where we’re going to try to post as many videos of our kills (and deaths) as possible. Please enjoy >Dying Hope Youtube<

Please contact me in game or join our in game recruitment channel “Blowing your stuff up”


Obligatory Note - technique refers to your personal ability to do something, juxtapose your skill levels which makes it easier to have no technique, like an Omega.

PM me about this, thanks!


Be Alpha

Killboard is GREEN, i repeat KILLBOARD IS GREEN

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Been having fun with an old friend who has now joined our corp! Look forward to seeing more kills more regularly.

Message me in game directly, join our recruitment channel “Blowing your stuff up” or reply to this thread to speak to us about joining.

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Come join us for fun and frags

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Come join us for kills!

killing new bros is fun and all but not what I’d like to do. Come help us hunt! Scanning can be fun when you find that fleet of Rattlesnakes running c4 sites. :smiley:

did try chatting in youre channels but nothing mate pm me up in game :stuck_out_tongue:

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New members, more fun.

Come and help us to please BOB.

We’re still out looking for dank frags and new members!

Unfortunately i had a run in with 2 leshaks the other day. Luckily i got most of my good stuff back!

We’re having fun in your holes, even if we’re losing our stuff.

Come and join in on the action!

Still recruiting EUTZ, all members are currently from the UK

Join us in losing expensive ■■■■ :frowning:

not nice losing a T3C…even worse losing it because you forgot about WH polarization…

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Come join us for shits and giggles!

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Come join us!

I know some of you guys are shy, come speak to us. You’ll have fun dropping people.

Bump for Saturday.

Come join us guys

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Anyone know the way to Jita from here?

I think it’s about 9 jumps from my current exit