Dystopian Dynasty - PVP/PVE/Indy 0.0 US/EU TZ - Recruitment Open!

About Us:
Dystopian Dynasty is a EU/US TZ corporation. We cover all forms of eve, pvp, industrial and exploration. Currently our focus is in gaining more industrial strength. Either way we still expect all our guys to hop in a combat ship if a friend needs help.

Corp Objectives:

  • Develop our members in numerous types of game content so everyone can be involved, make iskies and shoot things.
  • Have all members capable of basic pvp operations
  • Indy Wing *we are miner friendly
  • Fully functional EU/US TZ

What We Offer:

  • Small Gang PVP
  • Large Scale Alliance PVP
  • Access to some of the best Null in game
  • Daily PVP opportunities
  • Alliance SRP


  • NO SP Requirement!!
  • Working headset – active with the group on comms
  • Teamspeak/Mumble/Discord
  • Participation in PvP - Corp and Alliance
  • Full SSO Registration for Security Checks

Contact Us:



what is

  • Full SSO Registration for Security Checks

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