ECHO - USTZ Corporation

(Almwen) #1

Welcome fellow capuleer,

Thank you for taking a look though our thread. We welcome any questions you may have, but first let me ask a question that at some point I’m sure all of us have asked.

What exactly are you looking for in a Corporation?

Most of us have asked ourselves this very important question at one point or another. Some find themselves looking for teamwork, with good leadership who creates goals to work towards. Others, want to run solo within a group, while having access to the best parts eve has to offer. For me, it is the social aspect that I look for. To be able to log into eve, hang out with a great group of friends and just have fun doing whatever it is that makes you want to log on. I believe this is what makes ECHO unique. No matter your play style you enjoy, there is a place for everyone here. No overbearing personalities that tell you what you can and cannot do with your play time. We strive to maintain an environment where our members can grow in whatever capacity they choose to.

So let me tell you a bit about us:

ECHO is currently based in Period Basis. We are a group of friends that have been playing together for many years, with the majority of that time spent in Null-Sec. We value fun over everything else, and we do a bit of everything in Eve. We’re significantly more easy going than most corporations and other than socializing, we have no real requirements outside of our one rule: NO DRAMA. We have a lot of experienced players that have a ton of collective knowledge. On some evenings, when people are done with eve, we will switch it up to play something else such as League of Legends, Siege, etc.

What we offer:

  • Upgraded citadels for refining & production
  • Ore/PI Buyback Program
  • We have no Skill Point requirement. Alpha’s are more than welcome. On that note, there will be times where low-skill or Alpha pilots cannot participate strictly due to skill requirements. This will usually only be a thing with Black Ops gangs (you can’t fit a covert cloak as an Alpha)
  • ECHO Free, a program with Free frigates, destroyers, skillbooks, implants, and so much more for newer players.
  • Effective, and fun, fleet doctrines that are easy to get into - also reasonably priced. All of our mainline ships have either an Alpha variant of that fit or another ship that fits the doctrine easily.
  • Tons of available content via wormholes, null roams, organized moon mining, and tons of other things.
  • Solid tech infrastructure for scanning, communication (Discord, TS3, Wormhole Mapper), and organization
  • A fun, sociable environment that you will quickly grow to be a part of
  • Solid Fleet Commander’s who are fun to fly under

So if you’re a pilot looking for a new home, not just a new corporation, give us a shout. We’re always willing to provide more information, or just chat. We have our discord set up, so feel free to join and ask questions. or via in-game, join the channel “ECHO VISION”. You can also contact one of the following via convo:


If we are not a good fit, then we wish you the best of luck.

(Hiigara Soban) #2

Cool corps get bumped

(Hiigara Soban) #3

Have another

(Almwen) #4

Great Ratting and Mining area with plenty of pvp content nearby.
Feel free to join our discord or in-game channel “ECHO VISION” if your interested or just want to chat a bit.

(Almwen) #5

Looking to build up the corp member base. LF industrialists and PVPer’s. Hit us up in game or pm me in our discord when you join.

(Almwen) #6

Still LF new broh’s and vet’s alike. Come chat with us!

(Almwen) #7

Have had some fun PVP fleets going on. Check us out. Feel free to convo me in-game or in our discord.

(Almwen) #8

Still looking for some new blood. Got some moon mining fleets, pvp fleets and all in all fun going on. Hit us up and check ECHO out. Feel free to PM me in game or on discord.