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I’ve been studying the New Eden Economy for a year or so, and have found some interesting things. Participation in the economy is lead by consumption. Demand for materials remains high, and sufficient for materials producers. Bots tend to lead materials consumption, followed by legitimate traders. Export margins are supportive of further economic activity as are import margins due to economic activity outside of Jita. Conversely, business activity is low, and there is further room for manufacturing to expand to lead mineral and tier 1 component prices lower, to expand margins and fulfill retail and material demand-growth.

Can you please stop spamming the market subforums with your attempt at buying stuff for lower than Jita prices?

If it pleases his highness.

Tl;DR for OP

Buzzword, wrong paraphrase, buzzword, wrong paraphrase, wrong conclusion & finally I need more (probably cheaper) tier 1 components to turn a profit on my flawed industrial strategy.

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Just mine the ore yourself, then you’re getting all your materials for free :slight_smile:

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