EDIT: WTS 1 character 1 already sold

(Sylleria) #1

Pretty much just want to convert $ to ISK

Available: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Lazerous_Aroca

SOLD https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Sylleria

(Soul Online) #2

6.5b for Sylleria

(Sylleria) #3

If there are no higher offers in the next day you got it!

(TayIor Swiift) #4

4.5bn for Lazerous

(Sylleria) #5

No higher offers in the next day and you got it

(Sylleria) #6

BUMP last day

(Sylleria) #7

@Soul_Online, @TayIor_Swiift
I’m good to make the sale anytime now. :slight_smile: Going out for 6hrs but I can do it when i’m back.

(Soul Online) #8

Isk an Account info sent

(Sylleria) #9


(Soul Online) #10

Mail recevied, thank you.

(BOOM Skjem) #11

Are you still interested?

(Plsdont Shootme) #12

Has Lazerous been sold?

(BOOM Skjem) #13

No, he hasn’t offer @Plsdont_Shootme?

(system) #14

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