El Space Bandidos (45ESP) needs you today!

Come one, come all. If you’re the type of person who dreams of being part of a new but fresh corporation that aspires for control of the local systems look no further.
With a relaxed and growing management you too could be part of the upper echelon.
Sign up today.

  • PVE activities
  • Planned PVP actvities as the corp grows
  • Newb and Alpha friendly
  • English and Danish friendly
  • Discord Server for ops
  • Feel free to ask questions @ESP Recruitment (link in the in-game ad)

Planned Stealth Bomber activities

Alliance talks occurring at the moment.

Corp now has a discord server.

Newbs and alphas are still more than welcome.
Chill and friendly atmosphere.

El Space Bandidos is now officially a member of The Rogue Consortium alliance.

All are welcome, especially those looking for a group of friendly and chill people.

After a short hiatus for the summer, El Space Bandidos recruitment is alive and well. Join today.

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