No BS small gang pvp corp


Anti-Social Behaviour Order [ASBO]

We are a small group of friends that have come together and made a pvp corp to do old school small gang stuff.

We are active in the EUTZ

We are looking for few guys to join us (like 2/3) so we can take out good gang compositions and kill the blobs we fight.

We are looking for experienced pilots that know how to fly in a small gang situation.

If you need an anchor this isent the place for you.
you fly YOUR own ship.

we fly everything from frig’s to BS’s but mainly flirt around with cruiser/BC’s

We live everywhere, we are nomadic and move to where the pvp is best.

be self sufficient
get involved with a small group of bro’s
Have fun
kill things

even if you just would like to fly with us and see if real small gang is your thing hit us up in our channel or PM me

Pub: ASBO!

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Bump, for solid bros doing solid work! Hit us up in-game!

Dont cha know bump it up
I got to bump it up
Dont cha know bump it up

Good night last night lets see if we can repeat it!

Corona virus is a real threat guys…

Protect yourself today by joining our public and getting dank frags

Frig pvp lasts longer then me IRL :frowning:

We are setting up for a roam tonight at 7PM if anyone would like to come feel free to join our public for a fleet invite

Nerd bump

Loseing more stuff in a space near you

Bump it up hommie

Epic gang tonight bros come take a look

Join now before corona virus spreads and derps us all

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