Elite.Inc [R1ce] NPC Nullsec Corp Looking for Eu pilots

A little bit about us

The first 10 members of R1ce were all members of UKCorp (a GoonSwarm Federation Corp). After a while, we found ourselves asking why do we bother? Our content gets set to blue every other day and everyone just docks up when they see the CONDI ticker.

So we thought, “Well, let’s try shooting goons instead”

Turns out not having Standings to worry about, there’s a lot of content to be had

What can we offer

  • Nullsec roaming in any region. We don’t have any blues so we can go anywhere there is content

  • EU time-zone based fleets

  • No FC’s around to run a fleet and you want to learn? Ping one yourself and go make content. We don’t mind and actually encourage it.

  • Fighting mentality - any challenging fight we think we can win we take, sometimes it doesn’t go our way, life goes on

  • Experienced leadership

  • Fun Spirited group who enjoys having a good laugh

  • SRP for anything up to destroyer (value of ship on Zkill, and full value for intys) funded from loot brought back on fleets

What we are looking for

  • Active PVPers who can support themselves isk wise. We hold no Sov, and have no Isk generation. We do have people who can help you find ways of making isk, but don’t expect someone to make isk for you.

  • English is a must. If we can’t understand you, we can’t help you when you need it

  • Understanding that it’s only a game, we all need a break from it from time to time

  • People who are happy to adapt and change to suit the mechanics of the game, and the needs of those around them

Some links about us




Dreads? What Dreads?

Loot sold goes back into Corp wallet

Sometimes something like this happens

Want to know more? Mail Graeme Edwardson, MajorJenkins or join the public channel ‘Elite.Inc Public’ and come have a chat

Happy Hunting

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