Elite Shadow Society [ESSXF] [US/EU] [PVP] [Industry] [Newbros/Veterans]

ESS is currently recruiting pilots of various skillsets. We are all about PVP, piracy, and empire building.

Covert/Black Ops is a specialty focus of our organization and is a major plus if you are skilled in this.

All official activities involve anything needed to continue, support, or expand the interests of the organization. This includes but is not limited to PVP, Industry, Logistics, Administration, Intelligence, and Recruitment.

We operate in all types of space and are looking for many roles to fill as we build up. Newbros and veterans are welcome. Willing to train you to pvp in EVE. If you are active and interested in what we do we would like to enlist you.

There are no forced operations while you are with us. What you do on your personal time is your own business, however, you will be expected to participate and fulfill your role and not be a distraction from the agenda.

This is a returning corporation that is the center of an alliance that is returning. We welcome fellow pirate organizations to contact us about membership. Please join ESS Pub in game or contact Akatenshi Xi.

Still actively recruiting pilots. Give me a shout in game.

Any pirates looking for fun? DM me.

Where are the cruiser pilots at that want to pvp? We’re still recruiting so stop by ESS Pub in game.

We are still actively recruiting new and veteran players. Give me a shout in game.

Several new members this week and looking for more. Come have a talk with me in game at ESS Pub.

Still actively recruiting players of all skillsets. Please join us at ESS Pub in game.

Anyone looking for an active corp that is growing? Come have a conversation with me at ESS Pub in game.

Still recruiting, website coming soon!

Come join us at ESS Pub in game! Still recruiting!

Looking for more pilots interested in low sec life. Visit ESS Pub in game for more.

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