(Raborne Leonadus) #1

There are a few things we want to do for you.

Isk: we will teach you how to make it and make you rich.
Dream Boat: We want to get you into you dream ship and give you reasons to use it.
Build Things: If you want to build things we can provie you with most of the common Blue Print Copies and a few of the rarer ones.
Fun: We like to poke fun at people including ourselves.
Fleets: Join us to do both PvE and PvP fleets in a friedly welcoming environment.
Wormholes: We will teach you the beginning to the K162.

We don’t care if you have no experience, little experience or bad experience; we will find a way to make you feel a part of the group and be/feel useful.

Looking forward to talking to you in the Elitenet Pub.

(Raborne Leonadus) #2

Join us. probably the best ever.

(Raborne Leonadus) #3

Let me make you rich.

(system) #4

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