Elsebeth Rhiannon FAQ about hiring choices

1. You hire pirates now?!
I always have.

2. But she’s actually a blooder!
No ■■■■.

3. I thought Gradient was too stuck up to…
Newsflash: I’m not in Gradient anymore. I have not been for years. Also, Gradient has always hired (ex-)pirates too, and at least twice a Blooder.

4. But is she allowed to… what if she will…
I am not going to discuss my terms for whomever I hire with anyone outside of the corporation. If you have objections about the conduct or deeds of someone who flies under my colors, send me mail or a private comm line.

Do not send me information about what someone has done before they picked up my corp invite, or after they have left my company, unless you happen to be a Tribal or Federal court of some sort, in which case prepare to fight Rhiannon Legal for who gets to judge indie capsuleers in loyalist organizations. (Look them up. They don’t tend to lose jurisdiction cases.)

5. Blood Raider / Matari conspiracy Khanid Free Army something-something.
I wish. I really do.

6. Edited to add: what the hell are you talking about?
I hired a known pirate and a Blooder and a surprising number of the prominent capsuleer celebrity club that is The Summits went nuts and thinks this is 1) something new and 2) the worst thing since the Amarr Invasion. If you feel like you don’t care and don’t need to care, you are probably correct.



I am:

  • Outraged
  • Confused
  • Ambivalent

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About this state of affairs, and will be complaining to:

  • The Tribe
  • God
  • My spouse
  • My pet animal
  • Cardinal Graelyn

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Well, it’s not like it’s all that unexpected, even if disappointing.

Holding people to account for their choices isn’t exactly something we do as capsuleers, after all, and stated loyalties and actions were ‘just a joke’ or somehow doesn’t count because reasons all the time. Uncrossing certain lines is as far as I’m concerned not a thing we can or should do, for everyone’s sake including our own. It’s an illusion and a lie told to everyone including ourselves. That we haven’t irrevocably changed things and that we can pretend things haven’t happened as they did.

… yet they did, and sooner or later that inescapable fact will tear the illusion apart and no one involved comes out of that unscathed.

But hey, since when did principles get you anywhere in New Eden?


It actually gets you to a small little tea shop in Metro, Auner system. But you have to look for it and be of quite high principles, also have nothing against urns…


Hmh. I can see two possibilities here, Miz, really.

Either you know me, and still talk to me like that, which makes you a pretentious holier-than-thou asshole. Or you do not in fact know me, despite all, and while I guess that should not surprise me, it still wounds.

But in both cases, I think you can just ■■■■ off with your opinions. I’ve got work to do, and I see no reason why I should spend my time explaining to a tribeswoman why there are more shades to it than “never talk to traitors again” and “consider all loyalties a joke”.

(Multiple edits, to add some veil of civility.)


I wouldn’t take something posted on the IGS as aimed directly at your heart, rather than encompassing sizable swathes of its audience. More importantly, when you’re recruiting people with that kind of public history then the onus really isn’t on me to dig out whatever reasoning you have for it, is it? My opinions are merely my own, so feel free to ignore them of course, but I’m not going to stop thinking blooder cunts don’t deserve to get third, fourth, fifth and more chances. I really shouldn’t have to explain to a tribeswoman why some shades of red only mean blood.

When I accidentally brought that color into contact with my clan, I ended up defaced, exiled and on what I thought was a genuinely impossible mission to undo it. Don’t act surprised that a tribeswoman doing the same thing is cause for disappointment, especially when you go out of your way to condemn questioning of it.

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So are not Electus Matari anti-pirate anymore?

They are. As stated in the original post, should you have problems with the conduct of EM members while they have been EM members, please feel free to contact us.


No. I just assumed I’d get the benefit of doubt from you, rather than this “loyalty is a joke”.

Then again, you are obviously correct that you do not in any way owe it to me, and indeed it would be a little foolish of you to entertain such sentimental affections. After all, when we decide to do things that do not cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s of honor, there are consequences. Actions speak louder than words, and it’s not like I haven’t broken oaths before.


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Yes, you are one of the few people in New Eden I’m willing to give the benefit of the doubt… to the point where I’m willing to listen to what you feel justifies these actions. It’s just that until that justification happens, I’m bound by far more important ties to clan and tribe, which means I have to err on the side of “hell no” until I have a reason not to.

Especially when it’s a tribeswoman seemingly edging very close to making similar mistakes as the worst one I’ve ever made in my entire life. Especially when it’s that close to home and hearth. Very close to those who’s safety is paramount.

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EM has always had a certain willingness to completely overlook the past sins of their recruits so long as they toe the EM line while signed up, I don’t know why anyone would find this particular hire remarkable, really.


I understand.

Maybe we can talk about this somewhere away from the ears of outsiders. I still do not feel I need to justify myself to you, but one can always attempt to explain.


This is factually correct, but it does irk me that Mary loyalists keep on making sense in my threads. It makes me look bad.

Not that it is not very trad. Blake used to drive me crazy with that, way back when.


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Geez, I wonder if PNS got this amount of whining when they hired a Sanshapoo?

Well, it certainly makes people look at them rather poorly.


They did, yes.

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They never really were. They’re basically just glorified pirates themselves, so this is the least surprising news all day.

True, in a sense: EM does not set standings red for lesser crimes outside of tribal lands.

This, however, is simply nonsensical slander.

Learn from your superiors, Elkin. You don’t have to resort to lying to play the summit game.


So, Else? I’m assuming the identity of the person in question isn’t actually a secret, so is there a reason you’re avoiding saying it here? It might clarify the margins of this discussion a lot.

If you’ve hired, for instance, Anyanka Funk, I’d be very worried for reasons that don’t have so much to do with her religious beliefs as her particular way of practicing them.

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The identity is actually identifiable from the first post - follow the link.

I figured that in case this actually does work out it the long term, this needs not to be the first thing that turns up in database searches, so I did not spell it out.

No, I am not planning on hiring Anyanka Funk.

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