[ELTC.] English community focused Fraternity 0.0 and WH corp is recruiting

As well as looking for our usual 0.0 pilots we now are recruiting dedicated wormhole pilots so if you enjoy WH pvp and that lovely lovely sleeper loot to make billions get in touch.

Bump, taking in war refugees too :stuck_out_tongue:

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come and have a chat if your looking for a close group of active players.

we do all sorts in eve small and large scale pvp, some of the best ratting space in the game and a WH

we have our own moons to mine and plenty of industry options

Morning everyone, now is a great time to join our amazing community. If you like having friends to jump on comms with while you play eve we’re your corp.

im interested

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Hop on our discord and we can have a chat @Protocol3

Daily bump - massive fight the other day and now is a great time to be involved - Battle Report Tool

Bump still recruiting especially a few dedicated WH guys.

Daily bump. Making lots of nice WH isk and no more blue donut so it’s a great time to enjoy the fun.

Daily bump, need more of you for fun times!

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still looking for people to join us.
we are also looking for wormolers :slight_smile:

Loads of content at the moment - good fights with Snuff, Volta, Goons, BOSS, INIT, Horde etc and you can make loads of isk with our various corp activities too.

Still recruiting, In particular I want more UStz guys and people who want to run WH sites for making billions. Obviously recruitment open for all the normal 0.0 activities too

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come have a chat we offer the best null fun and WH isk making

Always looking for more pilots to add to the fun! Come have a chat with us!

New recruitment vid come join us - ELTC is recruiting - YouTube

come speak to us new pople coming in all the time
looking for some wormholers to help move the hole forward and indy pilots as well as pvp dudes :slight_smile:

bump bump bump
looking for woemholers an null sec pilots come have a chat

another bump another day
come speak to us