[ELTC.] English community focused Fraternity 0.0 and WH corp is recruiting

Daily bump, still recruiting

Bump need more.

All my EU friends come join our No Visual Eutz corp. These guys are bunches of fun.

Daily bump, two new guys on their way to join. More needed.

Weekend bump, big fight today!

Taking our own space, exciting times ahead so now is the time to get in.

Regular fleets, come and join the fun. Three new US tz guys joining soon.

Still recruiting.

Bump, come on people we have goals to achieve together.

New guys having lots of fun, but we’re still growing so join up and help us build something special.

Where are all he EU guys hiding? Lots of US interest atm which is great but I want some more EU love too please.

Daily bump

Great fleet last night, lots of kills. Come and join the fun :slight_smile:

They gave me a Revelation but all it had was mining lasers and every m³ of cargohold was filled with male exotic dancers. Now they are forcing me it bring to poco bashes. Please Help.

Yesterday I earned my first gun for my Revelation for getting a final blow on a Poco with a mining laser.
What a proud moment.

Really exciting times ahead, great opportunities to make some serious isk!

Chop chop - corp is growing, KB is active and wallets are filling up + comms are a blast. Get your app in today and stop being an anonymous number in a corp that doesn’t care about you.

After a brief pause in recruitment to let the new guys settle in it’s time to open the doors again. If you’re interested in joining our little family then get in touch.


I showed you my Thorax. Pls respond

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