[ELTC.] English community focused Fraternity 0.0 and WH corp is recruiting

Yesterday I earned my first gun for my Revelation for getting a final blow on a Poco with a mining laser.
What a proud moment.

Really exciting times ahead, great opportunities to make some serious isk!

Chop chop - corp is growing, KB is active and wallets are filling up + comms are a blast. Get your app in today and stop being an anonymous number in a corp that doesn’t care about you.

After a brief pause in recruitment to let the new guys settle in it’s time to open the doors again. If you’re interested in joining our little family then get in touch.


I showed you my Thorax. Pls respond

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So yeah…they are correct. I’m one of the new guys and I’m having a BLAST!


Limited Time Offer.
Join now and get one blue ratting super to awox for free !

Terms ans conditions may apply.
Blue is defined as neutral.

Back up to the top with you.

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Bump - got blapped last night by marauders trying to get a fun fight with TISHU, they suck poor form gents but come join us for fun whelps.

Still recruiting

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Literally the best world of tanks clan.