[ELTC.] English community focused Fraternity 0.0 and WH corp is recruiting

So much going on right now - loads of content for all types of players. Drop in on our discord and have a chat.

Weekend bump - still recruiting for good members.

Hey dudes

Only just joined a few days ago but so far I’ve been really impressed.

Everyone is very welcoming and there’s lots of content whether you want to shoot something or mine some moon goo.

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Glad you’re having fun Moon, it’s a great time to be joining ELTC - exciting times ahead!

Corp numbers are great at the moment, still want more though!

Don’t look at the KB tonight FML lol but otherwise come and join us!

Building an amazing team at the moment, amazing atmosphere in the corp. Top 5 EN corp in the coalition now - next stop top 3. Watch this space or join now and be part of something great.

recently joined these dudes after my old CEO tried to kidnap the whole corp and defect to goonswarm from test

the leadership were really helpful offering to organise help with moving assets.
they were very welcoming to the people that left the old corp and joined ELTC and made us feel at home the 1st day we joined.

i honestly feel at home here and what ever you like to do in eve these dudes have it avaliable
wormhole pve, corp moons, manufacturing/reserch, some of the best ratting and mining space i have been in and lots of small gang and fleet PVP.

so if your looking to for a corp to find a new home , make some proper friends and meet some genuine people come talk to us :slight_smile:


Welcome to the team Scott!!

Its the weekend, plenty of action ahead and the corp is rocking. Our recent batch of new members had their first C5 site running experience in our WH and have been busy on fleets along with some downtime mining on our corp moons. Apply now and don’t miss out on the fun.


Some really good fun doing a corp home defense fleet last night with some good kills, nice and chilled with some good banter on comms. Meanwhile the corp moon programme is expanding so plenty to mine if that’s your way of making isk. Really good time to get involved in the corp

Back up we go - still recruiting get in touch and join the fun.

Fun content with a great bunch of chilled players


Nice little daily bump, some great fun to be had at the moment, come and join the family!


After moving house I’m back so apologies to those applicants I’ve kept waiting. Ready to get going again so get your applications in now :slight_smile:

Still recruiting!

Jump on to discord for a chat

Recruitment is open! Drop in to ELTC public for a chat in game or use the Discord link above