[ELTC.] English community focused Fraternity 0.0 and WH corp is recruiting

Loads of content at the moment - good fights with Snuff, Volta, Goons, BOSS, INIT, Horde etc and you can make loads of isk with our various corp activities too.

Still recruiting, In particular I want more UStz guys and people who want to run WH sites for making billions. Obviously recruitment open for all the normal 0.0 activities too

bump bump
come have a chat we offer the best null fun and WH isk making

Always looking for more pilots to add to the fun! Come have a chat with us!

New recruitment vid come join us - ELTC is recruiting - YouTube

come speak to us new pople coming in all the time
looking for some wormholers to help move the hole forward and indy pilots as well as pvp dudes :slight_smile:

bump bump bump
looking for woemholers an null sec pilots come have a chat

another bump another day
come speak to us

still looking for people
loads of pvp content with the war over
wormhole is picking up pace come have some epic pvp moments and make huge isk

Come join us as we go from strength to strength! Always happy to take a PM, mail, or discord drive-by!

still looking for wormholes and null sec toons
just took on some new bro’s come have a chat with us


still looking for people to join us.
epic null sec pvp/pve and a C5 wh !

bump bump still looking for more people had a few new peeps join come have some fun :slight_smile:

Been quite a few folk settling in over the last few weeks - loads of content to be had! Vale’s very busy these days :slight_smile:


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