EM Thermal damage Fitting

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http://www.ogrank.com/content/view/698/59/ is a handy reference too.

You forgot the energized membranes and the armour plates and armour layering modules.

EM a better passive armour resistance at a slightly high powergrid requirement.
Armour plates adds hp to armour hp, but increase mass of ship. Good for ships that have low hp and need a good boost to hp.
The armour laying modules add a % to ship armour hp. Good if you have a good hp to start with.

Another thing to remember is the stacking penilities.
If you mount modules that effect a specific resistance the second and following module supply a reduced benefit. Normally the 4th module is the most youd mount, any more offer very little benefit.
Reactive armour and damage control cant be effected by other modules so will give 100%, but if both at mounted one will have 100% on armour and the other will be 84.6%. But as damage control effects all resist(shield, armour and hull) those not armour resist will be at 100%.

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